The Hottest Sex Scenes on TV For 2016

As each year ends, another season of excellent and exciting things on television are in store for us again in 2017. And in terms of the sleazy stuff, the TV sex scenes of 2016 have just been so explosively steamy, and the powers of TV seduction are definitely strong, especially when it comes to premium cable! After reading this article, perhaps you’ll admit that one, or all, of these steamy scenes on TV managed to turn you on!

Maeve and Hector on Westworld

In the sci-fi HBO series Westworld, when two people as sexy and as beautiful as Rodrigo Santoro and Thandie Newton kiss, make out and have sex, then things are going to get real hot! And the robot hosts in Episode 9 also took that hot idea to a whole new level, by having sex as they went up in flames! Perhaps you should check out Westworld on HBO this weekend, with your favourite
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Candie and Kanan on Power

Believe it or not, but there are definitely lots of sex scenes on Power. However, one scene gave viewers a glimpse of rapper 50 Cent’s penis! And though Candie is in a lesbian relationship with Kanan’s cousin Jukebox, she was instructed to check out if Kanan’s hands could still “work” after being injured in a fire. This led to one truly sizzling masturbation scene in Season 3, Episode 4!


Jamie and Claire on Outlander

After Jamie’s terribly harrowing experience in Season 1, he was undeniably not as interested in sex with his wife in Season 2. However, that all changed in Season 2, Episode 4, when they finally had sizzling sex again!


Morello and Vinny in Orange is the New Black

Ask anyone who’s seen Orange is the New Black, and they’ll perhaps tell you that Season 4 was significantly darker and less sexy than the normal. With Piper and Alex being on the outs, Nichols being in max, and Soso and Poussey keeping it clean, the most sizzling sex was actually verbal instead of physical, especially between Morello and her new husband Vinny during visiting hours!


Now, which cable TV series would you be watching first with your girlfriend, or with your preferred High Class Asian Escorts Adelaide?