Sexual Fantasies Guys Crave Most

In terms of relating or opening their desires, fears and concerns, women are far more superior than men. Asian Escorts Adelaideor not, most can easily open up and express their opinions or desires and anxieties. Men, on the other hand, tend to be secretive about their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.

Sexual Fantasies Guys Crave MostHere’s a peek at a few of the top male sexual fantasies guys crave most, but won’t usually tell their ladies.

“I Want My Girlfriend To Sit On My Face”
Have you ever tried having your girlfriend literally “sit on your face” while you perform oral sex on her? In porn parlance, this is face-sitting.

According to “Leonard”, an accountant, “I want my girlfriend to sit on my face so I can eat her out. I love the feeling of being suffocated.” He adds that he shared this fantasy with a few girlfriends, in the past, but got negative responses from them all.

“I Want Her To Call Me Daddy”
If there’s one thing that a lot of guys want their girls to call them while having sex, it’s “daddy”! However, many are wary of asking their ladies to do this. Simply, they fear their girlfriends or bedroom partners would think they’ve become paedophiles!

“I want Her to Have Sex with My Friends’
Here’s another top male sexual fantasy that only a few guys would dare tell their girlfriends – “I’d like to see you have sex with one of my friends”. Perhaps the guy’s afraid that his lady would think that he’s pimping her to his friends. Or that he’s become one of the neighbourhood perverts!

Yet another fantasy that many guys long for is squirting. It’s described as when a woman has an orgasm with female ejaculate. The term is also used when pushing spunk or sperm out of the vagina or ass.

According to a 25-year old fireman named “Bill”, “I want to make a girl squirt, because it’s a sense of accomplishment for me. However, it takes female cooperation, and most females don’t like to cooperate,” he adds.

Regardless of frequency, or whether they admit it or not, sexual fantasies are a major part of the whole

sexual experience for men and women. However, while sexual fantasies are common, most men would still have qualms revealing some of these to their spouses, or even their hot and sexy Asian Escorts Adelaide!