Safe Sexting Tips for Today’s Singles

The love letters of the past and risque e-mails of the 1990’s have now been replaced by “sexts”. While all these show affection and intimacy (and illicit behaviour), sexting comes with great risks. Perhaps it would be okay if you sext with your partner, or a hot babe from Asian Escorts Adelaide.

Safe Sexting Tips For Today's Singles But what if something goes wrong? If it’s your first time to sext, here are a couple of life-saving (or face-saving) tips.

Do Not Drink And Sext

It’s fine to sex your partner, or your gorgeous escort – but what if your x-rated sext gets sent to someone else?

Just like drinking and driving don’t mix, drinking and sexting also has its own set of risks. Drink too much and you become over-adventurous – and extra clumsy. Your chances of sexting the wrong person goes up, in other words.

To save yourself the disgrace and embarrassment, when beer or wine is free-flowing, put your phone or gadget aside, and forget about sexting.

Don’t Sext While Working

Engaging in risky behaviour while at work is definitely a no-no. Yet, surprisingly, the most sexting takes place between 10 am and 12 noon. That’s when most people are busy at work!

Sexting using the office phone is perhaps the dumbest thing to do, because the device you’re using is connected to the company’s Wi-Fi network. That means it can easily be accessed by someone else in the office. It also means other can read your obscene conversations or view your nude photos.

Do Sext On A Secure Phone Or Gadget

Sexting on mobile phones or gadgets that are connected to other devices can easily be accessed, or noticed by others. For example, you use your iPhone to sext through iMessage, and your iPad at home is also connected to iMessage. Someone at home can view your messages on the iPad, without you realising.

This would be the case too, if you’re sexting through different messaging apps like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

What’s so scary about sexting is that one mistake, just one person sharing your nude or sexually explicit messages, and your reputation goes downhill. So if you can’t stop sexting your partner or hot Asian Escorts Adelaide, why not send photos or videos that don’t show your face?