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The Hottest Sex Scenes on TV For 2016

serypeta : March 23, 2017 1:02 am : blog

As each year ends, another season of excellent and exciting things on television are in store for us again in 2017. And in terms of the sleazy stuff, the TV sex scenes of 2016 have just been so explosively steamy, and the powers of TV seduction are definitely strong, especially when it comes to premium cable! After reading this article, perhaps you’ll admit that one, or all, of these steamy scenes on TV managed to turn you on! more »

How Couples Properly Do “Pegging”

serypeta : January 4, 2016 7:34 am : blog

Ever heard about a sex play called “pegging”? Although the word may sound like it’s derived from a carpentry term, pegging is actually a “unique” practice of sorts, because it simply turns the tables on straight sex. Pegging actually refers to the practice of a heterosexual man being anally penetrated by a woman who’s wearing a strap-on dildo! Now would you dare try this? Here are a couple of helpful hints on how first-time couples can safely do pegging.

Asian Escorts AdelaideMore Couples Are Pegging, As Strap-On Sales Have Gone Up Today

According to popular adult sex toy retailer Xandria, strap-on dildos have become popular items today, as the online retailer reports a 300% jump in the number of heterosexual couples who admit to using strap-ons and harnesses for female-to-male anal penetration. Now, would you dare get pegged by your girlfriend, or even your favourite Asian Escorts Adelaide?

The rise in the popularity of pegging is perhaps attributed to the release of an educational film in 1998 titled “Bend over Boyfriend”, as well as with the increased discussion and awareness of prostate stimulation. In the Xandria survey, around 20% of heterosexual men reported to having at least one experience with anal penetration from a female lover.

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Sexual Fantasies Guys Crave Most

serypeta : November 27, 2015 8:34 am : blog, General
In terms of relating or opening their desires, fears and concerns, women are far more superior than men. Asian Escorts Adelaideor not, most can easily open up and express their opinions or desires and anxieties. Men, on the other hand, tend to be secretive about their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. Here’s a peek at a few more »

Safe Sexting Tips for Today’s Singles

serypeta : September 7, 2015 5:00 am : blog
The love letters of the past and risque e-mails of the 1990’s have now been replaced by “sexts”. While all these show affection and intimacy (and illicit behaviour), sexting comes with great risks. Perhaps it would be okay if you sext with your partner, or a hot babe from Asian Escorts Adelaide. But what if more »

People taking Nude Selfies

serypeta : September 7, 2015 2:05 am : blog

Like any other art, “selfies” – photos that one has taken of oneself and shared on social media – evolved from cave paintings. Just look at the explicit nude paintings on the walls of Pompeii in Rome, say the ladies from Adelaide Escorts live in Adelaide.

As time passed, regular self-portraits eventually became sexier, with sleazier pictures! Here’s a look at why more people today are taking nude selfies.

Why More People Are Taking Nude Selfies?

Taking Basic Selfies Can Get Boring

According to some psychologists, taking ‘the usual’ selfies can get boring, especially if it’s done on a regular basis. This explains why many are becoming a bit bolder, and are taking nude photos of themselves, and even sharing them on Facebook or Twitter.

Capturing Bare Bodies & Sharing Them Is Becoming Popular

Findings from a certain company’s survey in 2014 showed that 54% of respondents regularly send and receive intimate or nude content. However, the number rose to 70% among men and women aged 18 to 24.

The result of the survey just goes to show that the desire to capture bare bodies, and share it with others is getting a little more popular today!

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7 Effective Sex Tricks

serypeta : August 12, 2015 3:28 am : blog

Everyone’s heard sex pointers of any sort, and that may be hardly surprising. Every person enjoys receiving recommendations with ways to be more exciting in bed. Private Asian Adelaide, for example, are pretty adjustable in the bedroom and beyond it, which means they learn how to make it work. In some cases, though, these kinds of sex pointers are usually not limited to sexual effectiveness. There are a handful that you might possibly already know, and yet didn’t learn these literally worked.

ggg1. Peppermint makes oral sex far better. Those mints on the bedside table might not be basically for repulsive morning breath. They produce impressive tingling feelings either on a man or a girl’s private parts.

Just make sure you haven’t got the sugary stuff in your mouth; sugar definitely will not combine perfectly with a babe’s labia. Turn out to be the rationale she remembers the evening for the highly erotic bliss, instead of for some irritation she draws because of misplaced candies.

2. To enhance erection size and persist longer in bed, sniff some pumpkin pie and lavender. Cinnamon in the pie, along with lavender, could be used to turn a person on. Research have revealed a 40% rise in circulation to the dicks of men who had a sniff at this scent merge.

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Fulfilling Sexual Desires and Needs

serypeta : July 22, 2015 6:23 am : blog

Maybe you’re looking for someone who’s daring in bed, or maybe you want someone who’d rather take it slow when it comes to experimenting. The ladies featured in the pages of Asian Escorts Adelaide are sure to fit the bill.

Asian Escorts AdelaideThe low light reflected off her dark hair, sleek smooth skin inviting my caresses – and not all were from my hands. I nipped gently at her neck, the heat of desire coming off both of us.

She laid a hand on one of my own, bringing it up to rest on a full breast. I massaged it through the fabric of her lacy bra, earning a groan of delight from her. She wiggled her ass against my groin, stoking the fire even more. I knew there was no way she couldn’t feel my erection; the bulge was obvious, even in the low light of the bedroom.

She slid off of my lap and knelt – I knew what she had in mind. I could feel her stroking me up and down, the sensation as though the condom weren’t there. When her lips came over the head, it took everything I had not to just thrust into her mouth; it felt so good, so warm, and I wanted more.

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3 Ways to Make Oral Sex Hotter

serypeta : March 27, 2015 3:23 am : blog

Suffice it to say that oral sex is a sure-fire way to get both guy and girl ready and wanting to have a good hard fuck. Some may like to give more than receive, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy their partner going down on them. The ladies at Asian Escorts Adelaide fall into this category, so if you want to return the favour, here are some sizzling positions to try out.

Asian Escorts AdelaideGive it some height. By now, you may have read that having her sit in a swiveling chair – think those comfortable office chairs – and going down on her is a good idea. It is, in fact. Can you still improvise if such a chair isn’t available?

Yes, you can; the edge of the bed, the couch, and the kitchen table will all lend themselves well to this pose, putting your girl’s cunt at an easily reachable height for you. Since your hands are free, you can get your fingers in on the erotic action.

You can even use your hands to help her change how she positions her legs – which change the delicious sensations coming from her love mound.

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Internet Site Where Beauties Prevail

serypeta : January 26, 2015 6:50 am : blog

There is a statement that remarks, exquisiteness only subsists in places where it’s possible to flourish. At the start, it’s quite difficult to understand due to the fact that we all see beauty exists where it wants to. But then again, if you think about the existing society and how beauty itself is no longer adequate to hold brilliance, it creates a lot of sense. It requires enormous adaptability, competency and acceptance. Such attributes are really hard to discover, but that’s before you’ve come into this extremely acclaimed website..

Asian Escorts AdelaideEscorts in Adelaide is one of those premium online sites that highlight impressive vixens who will provide you with the utmost companionship. We showcase dames who own the excellent balance of attractiveness and stimulation. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the overall impact of their beauty are simply astounding. So exciting that if you sidestep such chance, you will believe as though you’ve lost a big point in your life.

We know that beauty is a lot more than skin deep. We take pleasure in realising that this internet site possesses the much demanded factors or standards to let the beauty of these ladies prosper. It is not just some fake site that aims to con, contrastingly, we give you with the appropriate girls for the realisation of your satisfaction.

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Asian Escorts Adelaide – Gratifying Sex To Relieve Stress

serypeta : November 11, 2014 4:03 am : blog
You haven’t had sex for the past six months because of business. Now, you’re getting stressed up and yearning for some good old fucking. You dream of a gorgeous partner with a smoking hot body and luscious pair of legs. Who else could fit the description but a vixen from Asian Escorts Adelaide? Now, you more »
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